What did Marat Beketayev earn? Opinion of Orazala Yerzhanov

November 27, 2023 Respublika.KZ

[Translated from Russian.]

Former Justice Minister Marat Beketayev, who was arrested at the end of October, can be “presented” not only with the “Stati case”. According to Orazaly Yerzhanov, co-founder and director of the Elge Qaitaru Foundation, which he expressed in an interview with the Hyperborey YouTube channel, he made money from literally everything.

“Marat Beketaev, you know, is such a multi-tool guy. He probably made money from everything he could. Therefore, I think he was extremely interested in the process with the Stati lasting forever. This was his constant and good source of income. The Stati case was dragging on, Beketayev was interested in it, they say they spent $337 million on it, I’m sure a significant portion of this money went into the pockets of Kazakh officials.”