An archive of the key court rulings in the Tristangate dispute.

Brussels Court Sanctions an Attachment Order Targeting National Fund Assets Held by BNY Mellon

The Brussels Court of First Instance makes an attachment order as sought by Stati Parties. The said order was served on BNY Mellon as global custodian of Kazakhstan’s National Fund assets leading to BNY Mellon freezing US$ 22.6 billion in assets of the National Fund (comprising about 40% of the Fund’s entire portfolio).

This attachment is believed to be the largest in legal history.


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The Stati Parties Secure an Arbitral Award Requiring Kazakhstan to Pay Compensation of More Than US$ 500 million

Date: December 19, 2013
Jurisdiction: Sweden
Status: Closed
In favour of: Tristan Oil

The Tribunal holds that Kazakhstan has violated its obligations under the ECT and awards the Stati Parties damages of approximately US$ 500 million, plus costs and interest.

In its 414-page reasoned award the Tribunal holds that:

“[Kazakhstan’s] measures, seen cumulatively in context to each other and compared with the treatment of the Claimants’ investments before the Order of the President of the Republic [Nursultan Nazabayev] on 14/16 October 2008, constituted a string of measures of coordinated harassment by various institutions of [Kazakhstan]. These measures must be considered as a breach of the obligation to treat investors fairly and equitably, as required by Art 10(1) ECT”.